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'One Piece' Devil Fruit Bath Bombs from Lush are on their way and will be offered outside Japan too

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

In the "One Piece" anime/manga, the Devil Fruits are highly coveted for their ability to grant superhuman abilities to whoever consumes them. However, they also come with a curse, as whoever eats them will lose the ability to swim, which poses a serious problem in an age of seafaring adventure.

So should you happen to come across a Devil Fruit in the real world, you should think long and hard before taking a bite. However, you can spend far less time worrying about whether or not to toss a Devil Fruit into your bathtub, thanks to a new line of One Piece Bath Bombs from Lush.


The British cosmetics company’s team-up with the Japanese animation institution is producing four different One Piece Bath Bombs, starting with the Gum-Gum Fruit, as eaten by series protagonist Luffy. The Gum-Gum Bath Bomb is made with black currant extract plus sweet orange and davana oils for a fruity and lively scent, creating a lighthearted yet adventurous mood to match Luffy’s personality.


Next up, the Flame-Flame Fruit, originally eaten by Portgas D. Ace. Here the key ingredients are mandarin orange peel oil, fenugreek seed extract, and carrot seed oil. Also featured is a “popping candy”-like effect that pairs with the spicy aroma to get you fired up for whatever challenge you’re taking on after bath time is over, and Lush says this Bath Bomb will “envelop you in the warmth of the bond between brothers.”


Nico Robin’s Flower-Flower Fruit is, fittingly, the most floral of the bunch, featuring geranium oil and damask rose and jasmine extracts.


And last, the Human-Human Fruit Bath Bomb salutes the sweet tooth of cotton candy-loving Tony Tony Chopper, as well as his likely advanced sense of smell by nature of being a super-intelligent reindeer, with the enticing mixture of cocoa and tonka extracts and bergamot oil.

Not only are the One Piece bath bombs works of art in their pre-use stages, they also look incredible as they dissolve into your bath, Lush promises.


In addition to the Bath Bombs, Lush will also be offering a Straw Hat Bubble Bath Bar, scented with cedarwood and mandarin orange peel oils and benzoin extract…


…and a One Piece Flag Knot Wrap, as the chain calls its wrapping cloths.


The whole lineup goes on sale September 19, and Lush will be offering it not only in Japan, but also in the UK and Ireland. In Japan, the bath bombs will be priced at 980 yen each, the Straw Hat Bubble Bath Bar 1,400 yen, and the One Piece Flag Knot Wrap 3,000 yen.

On the other hand, if, after thinking over all the pros and cons, you’ve decided you really do want to eat a Devil Fruit, there’s a way to do that too.

Source: One Piece official websiteLush

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