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3 Coins releases new line of affordable 'One Piece'-themed everyday items

By Jen Santelices, grape Japan

3 Coins is a Japanese shop where you can expect everything to be pretty affordable, the name “3 Coins” after all, is a reference to the fact that you only need three coins to buy something from the store. They sell all sorts of everyday items that have a price point starting from as low as 300 yen, but can go as high as 1,500 yen for items such as furniture or electronic goods.

They often come up with new collections of products to keep things fresh, and with this latest collection now in their stores, you can now add a touch of "One Piece" to your everyday life.

The "One Piece" collection from 3 Coins has a total of 56 different items that have a wide variety of uses. The designs are based on characters and themes from the popular Japanese manga and anime series, and they’re all exclusive to the store. There are also options to match your preferences, whether you prefer something simple and uncluttered, or something more colorful and bright.

Photo: PR Times

Photo: PR Times

Some examples in the new product line include items for your phone. These earphones shaped like Luffy’s hat are priced at 300 yen, however, the mobile battery that has Luffy and Chopper on it is one of the more expensive items in the collection, coming in at 1,000 yen.


If you want something you can show off as a part of your daily ensemble, they also have things like colorful adhesive nails, or hair ties with logos of the Straw Hat Pirates and Luffy’s famous hat.


There’s also a reusable shopping bag printed with a cute pattern of some of the characters from "One Piece," and a much smaller bag that’s meant to store onigiri, which features a lone Zoro on the design.


The storage options aren’t just limited to bags however, you can get yourself a cute little lunch box too. And if you’ve been looking for the initiative to start saving your coins, maybe this coin container that features Nami will be what you need to inspire you to do just that.


You can find a complete list of the items and their prices here.

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