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3-seat bicycle


From Marushi Cycle comes this 3-seat bicycle with 2 seats for small children. Standard-conforming child seats are placed on the front and the back, ensuring extra safety. Both child seats have 5-point harnesses. The front seat is installed axially on the handle bar while the back seat is joined to the bicycle frame itself to prevent wobbling from the weight.

The model also features the Fracker’s Lock function, an auto-lock of the handle bar when the kickstand is used. The bicycle is stable while children are in the seats. Both front and back seats can be easily adjusted to use as grocery baskets.

Two colors available. Currently on sale at 69,800 yen.

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I guess this is meant to be the first legal 3 seater since the law changed? If not why do we care - but the Japanese don't anyway as you see 3 seaters all the time

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The bicycle is stable while children are in the seats.

But unstable when they aren't?

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Bicycles should be banned in Tokyo anyway; whether they are "one-seaters", "two-seaters" or "three-seaters"... None of them respect the traffic laws, under pretext they are under the "pedestrian law" which, according to the Shibuya Police Station, is completely false... They are vehicules, the same as autobikes, cars, trucks and any other vehicules using public roads - including electric wheelchairs... "One Way" streets may NOT be used in the "wrong" direction - even less on the "right-hand side". It is, however, true that even the police themselves do NOT follow the law since I almost ran into a policeman, on his white bicycle, who was coming out of a one-way street, in the "wrong" direction and - on the right-hand side of the street! It's really lucky for him I had the reflex to put on the brakes before we collided... On the other hand, it may have taught him a lesson... And let's not forget "red lights"... Even pedestrians are not allowed to cross over on a "red light" but bicycles do it the whole time!!!

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cars are the problem. riding a bike is part of the solution

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If japanese policemen on bicycles do not wear helmets then mothers and children won't wear them either. There needs to be a role model. I now see electric wheelchairs, adult tricycles as well as bicycles riding in the wrong (against traffic) direction. A third of the cyclists do not turn on lights at night. And a littler reflector (if any) does little good. I see not one public advert about bicycle safety on TV. Hello ?!

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7 bills, rather pricey.

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This is just a death trap for children. I seriously think these should be banned. A 5 point safety harness doesn't help you on a two wheel bike.

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top-heav·y (tŏp'hĕv'ē)

adj., -i·er, -i·est. Likely to topple because of an uneven distribution of weight, with the majority being at the top.

I'd say this qualifies.


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