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3D Shot Cam


Takara Tomy has developed the world's first 3D digital toy camera, seen here with accompanying viewer. The 3D Shot Cam stores images on an SD memory card. It will go on sale early next year and retail for 5,980 yen.

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5,980 for a toy??? No way!!! For that much, I would rather spend a little more to get a real camera. But knowing all of these mothers in Japan today, they will probably buy these cameras for their spoiled rotten kids who don`t do anything much at all, but play a lot of video games.

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too many toys in the world spoil the child!!!!!

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When it can capture 11 dimensions, I may take an interest. Otherwise it's just more stuff for stupid consumerism.

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That viewer reminds me of the old View-Master I had as a kid. This will quickly go the way of the panorama camera.

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