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4D Cityscape Time Puzzle


Yanoman Corp is selling a multi-layered map puzzle of Tokyo, New York, London, Hong Kong and Las Vegas. The puzzles are fun, challenging, and educational. Assemble the first two layers of the puzzle to form a map of the city's streets, railways, parks and other landmarks.

The Tokyo map includes Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Station, Roppongi Hills Mori Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree and 91 major buildings. The first map is 1958, when Tokyo Tower was completed. The second map is the current era, represented by Tokyo Sky Tree.

The price is 6,800 yen (tax not included) for each version.

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Ohhh, so sorry Kenny, it's actually 24.99, must have hit the "1" and not the "2." I'll try to keep it real next time.

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100mil, I just checked, sells them for 27$ to 40$(+ s+h) depending on city. Other stores are all higher. Hobby shops were usually 50$ plus s+h. Are they higher, yes, but keep it real please.

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Whereas you could order it from Amazon in the states for as little as $15 (New York), have it delivered to Japan and still pay less than the hosing you get here. 6800 yen? LMFAO

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