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5-button wireless mouse


This new 5-button M-BT11BB Series wireless mouse from Elecom features a power saving design and built-in blue LED sensor, offering excellent tracking capability.

It can connect to PCs that support the Bluetooth 4.0 HID profile without the need of an adapter, and it can also be used with non-compliant PCs by using a compatible Bluetooth 4.0 adapter. With a Bluetooth wireless connection, you can carry out smart and comfortable mouse operations, as well as keep your desk tidy without any cables getting in the way.

The blue light has a shorter wavelength than the red light used in a conventional optical mouse and demonstrates highly precise scanning. This sensor is able to reflect light accurately even if there are slight unevenness or dust. Additionally, you can use it comfortably anywhere, even on surfaces that would cause poor performance of a conventional optical mouse, such as glass surfaces, transparent sheets or carpets.

This mouse can be used comfortably in a wide range of places, at a distance of up to 10 meters on a non-magnetic surface such as a wooden desk, and 3 meters on a magnetic surface such as a steel desk. It has Forward and Back buttons equipped on the side, which are handy for browsing web pages. With a 1200dpi resolution, it provides smooth operations in a variety of situations.

Additionally, the mouse has some handy features such as a power switch on the underside, and a remaining battery power indicator to let you know when to change the battery.

The mouse features an easy-to-grip, symmetric design and fits well in your hand. Available in subdued colors: black, blue and red.

Price: 5,838 yen.

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It can connect to PCs that support the Bluetooth 4.0 HID profile without the need of an adapter

So ... if the PCs in the city hall have this profile and I'm carrying one of these around, I can just click anything I see?

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I can not see the point of having a mouse bristling with buttons like this.

Two plus a scroll wheel is plenty, surely.

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Like Logitech too. All my mice are at least 5 buttons, assigning shortcuts to the extra buttons - goes thru work faster while saving wear & tear on the wrist. And then there's the gaming mice...............

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I use a trackpad only.

Sure is nice not to have to scrape off accumulated mouse ball crap (was there ever a name for that?) every 6 months or so.


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Sure is nice not to have to scrape off accumulated mouse ball crap (was there ever a name for that?) every 6 months or so.

You still have a ball-mouse?

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Blue light is something new. In tech support, we used to call that mouse ball accumulation "gunk". As for buttons on mice, my gaming mouse has 6 programmable buttons and 3 modes, so 18 possible functions. While I only use mine for games, a friend of mine uses the same mouse for CAD work.

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@ElvenSilvan: fun idea buy you would still need to pair the mouse with the computer first, which would require physical access to that PC.

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Just add 5 more and it will be complete.

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Is blue light really going to produce more accurate results than red light? Optical wavelengths are orders of magnitude smaller than typical mouse movements after all. Or do they still think a blue light look more trendy?

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So many comments. Honestly, apparently no new technologies, just they put functions I have ever seen somewhere in it a bit in an organized way. 5,838 JPY? Sorry, I would go with conventional one.

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The blue lasar is relatively new technology and this is the first application I've seen to mouse technology. The big new application has been with the BluRay disc providing dramatically more data storage over the previous champ, DVD. Using this shorter wavelength to burn more data into a plastic disc is one thing, but selling this as an improved tracking feature is another. I'll wait a bit and read several user experiences before giving it a try myself. Love 5 buttons, but wasn't impressed with my last Bluetooth mouse. It dropped the connection far too often and used so much power constantly trying to maintain that connection it went through batteries about twice a month. Bleh!

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