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7-11 Japan’s hydrangea-colored parfait is a fitting rainy season treat

By Mugi, grape Japan

A dessert with a variety of colors and toppings could always be a great pick-me-up, and simply brighten up your day.

Especially during the rainy and humid season in Japan, a dessert like that will be a perfect highlight of the day to have at home!

7-11 Japan has just the thing for it. Let us introduce you to the two desserts currently available at 7-11.


The convenience store's new Hydrangea colored Lemon Jelly Matcha Panna Cotta Parfait look just like actual hydrangea flowers.

When you are dreading to be out on a rainy day, and see beautiful hydrangea flowers blooming on the side of the street, it instantly brightens up your day, doesn’t it?

This dessert looks and reminds you of those hydrangea flowers.


The top is a light purple colored jelly, gently crushed and looks as if to imitate hydrangea flower petals. We tried it out, and the jelly had a nice lemon flavor but it felt odd to imagine citrus flavor from its color. It had more texture than the usual jelly dessert.

In the bottom of the jelly, there is milk mousse, and bright green Uji matcha Panna Cotta that mimic the green leaves of Hydrangea flowers.

It was a pleasant surprise that the bitter matcha flavor actually went so well with the sourness of the lemon flavor. It was refreshing by the looks as well as the taste!

On social media, people are praising this dessert and leaving comments such as “It’s shiny and so cute” “It’s so appropriate for a summer dessert!”

The “Hydrangea colored Lemon Jelly Matcha Panna Cotta Parfait” is 289 yen including tax, and has about 250 calories in one serving.

Strawberry sauce with real fruit chunks! Strawberry Parfait


When thinking of the most popular parfait flavors, either strawberry or chocolate comes to mind first. At 7-11, you can get an “all-in-one” parfait that lets you indulge both strawberry and chocolate flavors.

Despite its simple name Strawberry Parfait, what’s inside isn't so simple. There is quite a lot of strawberry sauce in this parfait, and it also comes with a biscuit coated in chocolate sauce at the bottom. This is the ultimate two-in-one parfait.


The strawberry sauce has real fruit chunks in it, and like real strawberries, has a perfect combination of sweetness and sourness. It goes wonderfully well with the vanilla mousse and sponge cake. It is almost like strawberry shortcake.

Once you dig into the deeper layers, the gooeyness of the mousse, fluffy sponge cake, and crunchy chocolate biscuits give all different textures in one bite. It is like a new discovery in each bite.

The fact that the strawberry layer was split into two different layers made it not overly sweet in one portion, either. It was just “perfect amount of sweetness” and “you can just keep eating several of these easily” as the people say on social media.

The Strawberry Parfait is 300 yen tax included, and has approximately 294 calories in each serving.

When it’s grey outside and the day is dreading, why not pick up a delightful dessert like these two from 7/11, and treat yourself?

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1 ( +1 / -0 )

In the summer I make my own mousse with cucumbers, walnuts and lemon juice. Fresh Basil leaves on top. Very nice on a hot day. Local people give me many cucumbers plus my own from the garden.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

Zichi, does your mousse have gelatin in it? If not, recipe, please!

In summer I let a few cucumbers grow bigger than usual so that they’re very juicy then blitz them in the blender with a handful of mint leaves and some lemon juice. Strain to remove the pulp and sweeten the juice with a little honey. Lovely and refreshing on a hot day, served over ice.

1 ( +1 / -0 )


no gelatin. Agar agar or Japanese “kanten”. Liquidise one or two cucumbers with about 200 ml of lemon juice. Add fresh chopped ginger. Sometimes I also add carrot. Make jelly with half recommended amount of water. Add cucumber stuff. When setting add some walnuts. When set I put fresh Basil leaves from the garden. Great on a hot day. I think I’m on mousse No 10. I give half to one of my many neighbours. They love it.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

Sounds good, will give it a try.

Thanks, zichi!

1 ( +1 / -0 )

That hydrangea jelly looks good. I wish that the 7-11s where I live had stuff like that.

0 ( +0 / -0 )

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