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Amazing cup stirs your drinks for you, needs no batteries or charging

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

Since finding out that you can buy curry rice makers in Japan, we feel like we’ve entered a bold new era of delicious convenience. However, this exciting advancement in food preparation has still left us responsible for making our own drinks, which is a major problem for people as lazy as we are.

Luckily, it looks like help is on the way, thanks to Japanese design company Gemini’s Aumix mug.

Yes, the cups’ cool, understated design makes them look like appropriate beverage containers for IT innovators and creative writers. But what’s more important is the part you can’t see from the outside: an internal rotor that automatically stirs your drink for you, meaning you won’t need to ever touch a spoon or stirrer stick to make coffee, tea, cocoa, or any other hot drink that starts as a powder or liquid concentrate.

But here’s the most amazing part of all: the Aumix requires no battery, charging, or external electric power source to use. Instead, its stirring rotor is powered by the hot water you pour in to make your drink.

According to Aumix’s designers, 320 milliliters of boiling water loses about 60,480 joules of energy as it cools to a comfortable drinking temperature. So instead of letting that heat evaporate into the air, the Aumix absorbs it and converts it into kinetic energy, spinning the cup’s rotor and mixing your drink.

Gemini says Aumix is especially well-suited to drinks to which you want to add milk, sugar, honey, or other enhancements. Really, the only drawbacks are that it works only with hot drinks (since their undrinkable excess heat is the power source) and that they were initially offered through a now-concluded crowdfunding campaign on Japanese website Campfire. However, seeing as how the campaign raised over 7,600 percent of its goal, it probably won’t be long until Gemini has a new batch of Aumix mugs available.

Source: Twitter/@you629 via Otakomu, Campfire

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Whether they catch on or not, they would make great conversation pieces, and maybe collector items as well. I would like to have one, or two, or a dozen.

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Luckily, it looks like help is on the way, thanks to Japanese design company Gemini’s Aumix mug.

I don't know but the very same cup was on Kickstarter more than a year ago (around November 2018) by a company from Hong Kong (it was called Mixee on there). Funnily enough that campaign got suspended because that cup was already being sold in China.

To me it sounds much more like this company is merely bringing a Chinese product to the Japanese market.

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I can count how many times I wished I had a cup that would stir my drink for me. I am sure there is massive pent up demand for this. It's the iPhone of the hot beverage container industry.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

I have wished for such an exciting and novel product as this, most of my life....

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