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Beer that helps get rid of your beer belly: Kirin’s non-alcoholic Karada Free

By Ben K, grape Japan

Science may not have invented a perpetual motion machine yet, but Japanese beer maker Kirin may just have accomplished the next best thing: a beer which actually reduces your beer belly.

It's called Kirin Karada Free (キリン カラダFree), and it just went on sale in Japan on Oct 15.

Sounds too good to be true? Of course, there's a catch. The beer (or, as Kirin puts it, "beer-taste beverage") doesn't have any alcohol, which is responsible for much of the calorie content of normal beer.

It also contains "bitter acid" derived from fermented beer hop extract, which, in spite of its name, doesn't actually impart any noticeable bitterness or acidity to the beer but has the remarkable effect of reducing abdominal fat. Through ten years of research and development, Kirin scientists finally succeeded in mass-producing it.

To test the slimming effect of Kirin Karada Free, they conducted a test in which 200 men and women with BMIs between 25 and 30 drank one can a day for 12 weeks or a placebo. Those who drank Kirin Karada Free achieved a reduction in their total abdominal fat between 7-8 square centimeters greater than those who didn't.

And not only is it free of alcohol, it has hardly any calories (5 per 100 ml), and scarcely any sugar (under 0.5 grams) or purine bodies (under 0.5 milligrams) either.

Photo: grape Japan | © Kirin Holdings Co

What it hasn't removed is a satisfying beer taste. We had a sample and were pleasantly surprised. Of course, it's not the same as an alcoholic brew, but it's one of the best-tasting non-alcoholic beers we've tried. It has the unmistakable aroma of beer and a refreshing taste which goes down smoothly!

For more information on Kirin Karada Free, visit their website here.

Source: Kirin Holdings Co.

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I would like these zero calorie beer substitutes, but almost all of them use some kind of artificial sweetener, and you have to read over the ingredients to see it. Aside from the many health risks of these sweeteners, research has shown that they tend to cause people to gain weight rather than lose it.

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Beer Belly? That’s strange, I always come out a few pounds lighter after a good weekend bender, and not because I’m drinking my lunch and dinner.

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You can’t have it all. There’s got to be some drawback, somewhere.

With this you get nothing. It's not beer, barely tastes like beer, doesn't make you feel like beer does. If you want a beer, have a beer. Otherwise have a can of Vimto.

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Sorry, the "best tasting" Japanese Non-Alcoholic beer is Asahi's Dry Zero. I've tried all the rest, (baring this one), and they're all not worth looking at.

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This is not beer. And I don´t believe the "beer belly" narrative. The ballon people have other lifestyle issues, not simply drinking beer.

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You can’t have it all. There’s got to be some drawback, somewhere.

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Or alternatively, drink a bottle of water and go walking for 30 minutes every day.

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I have never had a non alcoholic beer that tasted anything like beer. They are all nasty beverages and this sounds like a bad chemistry experiment.

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