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Kotatsu specially built for card, board games

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By Krista Rogers, SoraNews24

After living in Japan, I have stood steadfastly by my thinking that there are no better inventions in human history than GPS and the kotatsu. 

Whether we’re talking about ordinary ones, ginormous futon versions, or pet-sized ones, it’s a disgrace that the Japanese kotatsu, a table with a heater on its underside to keep your legs and feet nice and toasty, hasn’t caught on in more parts of the world. There’s truly no better feeling than snuggling up under the heated table in the dead of winter and letting its warmth envelop you inside a soft futon blanket of bliss.

This month, the humble kotatsu has gotten an exciting upgrade from Japanese electronics and appliance retailer Yamada Denki’s new Game Kotatsu, which is specially designed for you to play card games or board games with your family and friends in the comfiest setting imaginable.

What sets this heated table apart from ordinary ones is the fact that it’s equipped with card and chip slots on each side. The tabletop is also covered in velour, making it an easy surface for putting down and picking up play pieces.

Photo: Yamada Denki

Measuring 75 x 75 centimeters in length and 38.5 centimeters in height, the table weighs a portable 11.5 kilograms. Its tabletop component is even reversible as a regular kotatsu tabletop.

Photo: Yamada Denki

Hidden storage units also help you clean up easily and have game pieces ready to go again in a moment’s notice.

Photo: Yamada Denki

The Game Kotatsu costs 16,280 yen. It can be purchased at all but a few Yamada Denki locations throughout Japan as well as on their online store here. If you don’t want to buy the full kotatsu, you can also just buy the reversible tabletop for 8,778 yen.

Source: Denfaminico Gamer via Livedoor News via Otakomu

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Attention, if too many guests invited, they will raid your new hidden private gambling establishment. lol

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