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Popular fluffy and round pancake steamed buns return in Japan

By grape Japan

Japanese sweets and snacks maker Morinaga is celebrated for a lot of their treats, but some of their most popular items are their super fluffy pancake mix and its accompanying sweet syrup. In the past, the popular hot cakes have been sold as pudding, ice cream, and a clever "massage and squeeze" bag. There's even been Morinaga maple syrup-inspired hot springs in Japan.

Now people can once again enjoy their pancakes in one of their most popular forms--fluffy hot cakes in the style of Chinese steamed buns.


The release is the revival of a popular collaboration Morinaga had with traditional Japanese confectionery maker, Imuraya. The microwavable treat takes a round and particularly fluffy bun made from milk and eggs, and fills it with a sweet Canadian maple syrup and butter center. When heated up, the buns "puff up" into the the fluffy and "perfectly shaped" pancake style popular in Japan, as well as the doughy steamed buns sold at convenience stores in Japan.

The pancake steamed buns (or hot cake steamed buns, as they are officially called) will go on sale throughout Japan starting Sept 25, in packages of two for 350 yen.

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Un holly donuts disguised as pancakes!

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Save yourself a load of yen and make your own pancakes-it is simple to do!

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It looks really good

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