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Stylish Disney summer yukata

By Jess, grape Japan

A yukata is a light kimono, which is traditionally worn in Japan during the summer to events like festivals and firework displays. Yukata season is fast approaching and it's time for everyone to decide what kind of look they're going to go for this year.

It can be difficult to choose when yukata come in all manner of patterns and colors, ranging from classic floral patterns to more contemporary designs. If you're a Disney fan, you'll definitely want to check out these new summer kimono from the Disney Store Japan.

Previously we’ve seen Disney kimono with big character motifs and pops of bright color, perfect for a trip to Tokyo Disneyland. But these newly released yukata take on a more muted style with Japanese inspired patterns making them more suitable for a Japanese summer festival or fireworks display.

The yukata itself, including obi sash, costs 9,800 yen, and each one has various corresponding accessories. If you go for the full set consisting of hair clip (1,500 yen), obi decoration (1,000 yen), fan (800 yen) and traditional Japanese sandals (3,000 yen), you’ll look resplendent but may be left with an empty wallet.


There are two Disney Princess themed ensembles taking cues from "The Little Mermaid" and "Tangled." (top photo, right). The Little Mermaid inspired yukata has an Ariel silhouette swimming around on a blue and white nautical-esque background with tropical colored flowers. The Tangled one sees Rapunzel frolicking around in purple flowers on a dark background.

There’s also Mickey and Minnie designs on offer (top photo left). Minnie’s design is bright red with a bold spotty pattern, one of these spots is a Minnie Mouse head complete with bow and ears. For the Mickey one you have to look a bit closer to see the round-eared Mickey motif against the striped base, but it is there.


If you opt for the Mickey or Minnie yukata, you can even get a matching plushie friend wearing the same kimono as you.

They can be bought in store or ordered on the online Disney Store from June 11.

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