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A backpack for mom


With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this new backpack might make a handy gift for mom on her daily trips. The bag is a new model of the Kanana project series, co-developed by “talent” Kanae Takeuchi and suitcase manufacturer Ace Co.

Takeuchi, a TV personality most popular for her regular appearance in the TBS adventure program "Sekai Fushigi Hakken," got the idea after one of her many travels as a reporter for the program.

The compact bag features several small pockets useful for holding mobile phones, purses and digital cameras. The bag comes in two sizes and several light colors.

Price: 13,650 yen (large size) and 11,550 yen (small size).

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If I got a Japanese woman this for Mother's Day I think she would throw it in the bin.

A Louis Vuitton bag on the other hand...

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I think ANY woman, Japanese or not, would throw it in the bin. Its not only Japanese women who dislike ugly cheap bags.

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This is the most ugliest and foolish thing that I have ever seen. I agree with both imacat and worried. This product should be thrown into the bin and never be thought about again.

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