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A Kremey chill


If the power shortage keeps you hot this summer, cool down with some fruity frozen drinks from Krispy Kreme. The new products -- called “Chillers” -- are frozen drinks made of a mix of fruit juice, milk powder, ice and whipped cream as a topping.

The drink comes in three flavors: peach, berries and mango. Price: 410 yen (S size). Sales start Thursday in all Krispy Kreme stores. in Japan.

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I may go to sell these ice-cream in Japan!!!

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Calory count?

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I'm sure it's sugared up. Maybe holding the whipped cream would make it a little healthier(at least you could rationalize it that way)

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Mm, looks yummy!

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They do look yummy. I often see commercials here on JT about Krispy Kreme products. It is a real torture because they don't have any shops up north. Are those doughnuts much better than the ones from Mr. Donuts? Should I make a detour to one next time I go to Tokyo?

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