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A mini-kotatsu to keep you warm


Spring is still a few weeks away so if you’re looking to keep warm until then, now is a good time to invest in a mini-kotatsu. Traditional kotatsu are characterized by low wooden tables with heaters attached to the bottom, topped with a blanket to trap the heat. 

Buying a regular-sized kotatsu might be space-consuming, expensive and impractical if you live alone. This mini-kotatsu by Lithon is collapsible and perfect for personal use. It uses a wrap-type panel heater that keeps your feet warm. It comes with three temperature settings that take up to 30 seconds to heat up completely.

Photo: Lithon

All you need to do is throw on a blanket or wear thick socks and you’ll warm up in no time. There’s even an extra mat to keep your toes warm. You can use it anywhere in your apartment like at your desk or as you lounge on your sofa. Compared to other heating appliances, this mini-kotatsu is energy-efficient and is projected to cost only ¥4.3 per hour.  

The mini-kotatsu set comes with a drawstring pouch for easy storage, two stands, a blanket and the device itself. Priced at ¥6,980, buy it on the official Lithon online store

Source: Lithon

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Now that is what I call innovation! This could really see the Japanese economy start to boom again. More of the same please!

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Just bang the heating on guys

-7 ( +1 / -8 )

it just looks like a small electric carpet placed on its side.

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Looks nice..

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