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Adapter released that allows SNES, PS1 systems and more to run in HDMI

By SoraNews24

While the console video game market in Japan appears to be in a steep decline, there is no shortage of nostalgia for games of yore such as "Takeshi’s Challenge" or "McDonald’s Treasure Land Adventure." Perhaps that is why Nintendo has struck gold with their recent mini classic NES and SNES systems.

However, those were tragically in short supply and even still only play a limited amount of preselected titles, meaning your dreams of playing "Yo! Noid" or "Bill Lambeer’s Combat Basketball" would have been dashed.

But thanks to Thanko and their handy adapter called the RGB21-HDMI Conversion Adapter, you can play any game on a number of systems using the old RGB21 connectors known as the slightly different SCART outside of Japan.

▼ RCA connector cable (left) and an RGB21 connector cable (right)


Those in North America may not be familiar with RGB21 connectors at all and probably don’t have one lying around, but can still make use of the RGB21-HDMI adapter by purchasing one of Thanko’s separately sold cables for 1,980 yen, available for the SNES, Sega Saturn, Playstation, and Playstation 2 consoles.


The adapter itself costs 4,980 yen and allows you to play any console that has a RGB21 cable including Dreamcast or Megadrive (Genesis) systems. The box also allows users to view the game in it’s original 4:3 aspect ratio or change it to 16:9 to fit most modern televisions working in both PAL and NTSC formats. There’s even a full-screen mode to fit any size display.

This is all done while also enhancing the game’s graphics quality. Unlike composite video cables which offer a blurry image with bleeding colors on modern TVs, RGB21-HDMI sharpens it considerably so you can enjoy Ballz 3D the way it’s meant to be seen.

To be honest, we're a little dubious of the quality as it’s provided by the same company that gave us the USB Pollen Blocker, armpit fans, and the chair umbrella. Perhaps sensing that, Thanko got the endorsement of gaming legend Takahashi Meijin (the guy who the guy in "Hudson’s Adventure Island" is based on) who is signing three limited edition adapters to promote them.

If it indeed does what it says, the RGB21-HDMI Conversion Adapter could be a great tool when you want to dust off and play through the entire "Bubsy" series just one more time.

Sources: Thanko, Livedoor News, My Game News Flash

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Just buy a RCA - HDMI box directly without having to buy two things, a quick search on Amazon shows them 1,299 yen!

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The adapter itself costs 4,980 yen

For that price just build yourself a retropie emulator and download every game ever made.

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@gogogo- Sadly, using an RCA (composite) cable is not enough to get a good picture on your high-definition TV; the video quality for RCA just isn't that good, and as they say, garbage in, garbage out. You really need the RGB cables as shown in the above picture to get the best quality picture on an HDTV.

Actually, I'm not even sure why this is news- the Framemeister has been doing this exact same thing for years, and at a very high level of quality. The only advantage that I can think of is price (4,980 yen vs. 30,000+ for the Framemeister, which limits its market to dedicated enthusiasts).

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@Arrrgh-Type: Did you read the article? Like it says I had never heard of a RGB21 cable before this article and the article recommends buying this and a RCA to RGB21 converter then plugging it into this box. Which would be even worse IMO.

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