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Image: King Jim
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Add more space to your work desk


Since remote work has become increasingly popular, it's important to find the set up that works for you. From standing desks to picking out the comfiest office chair, one of the major factors in planning out an at-home office is value for money, comfort and space. For dual screen set-ups this is definitely the case as desk space is almost always lacking. 

Enter the King Jim display board. It’s an easy to install extension you can place on top of your monitor to store small things that would otherwise clutter your workspace like calendars, stationary and small clocks.



An added bonus is that it comes with light that operate in three different lighting settings in lieu of having a lamp to further cramp your desk. It’s perfect for saving space and decluttering your work area. 

Available on the official store, this light up display board goes for ¥12,100.

Source: King Jim

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So instead of clutter on your desk, you now have clutter on top of your monitor… at eye level. Genius.

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I have used twin monitor arms for years. Love being to instantly adjust. Soundbar. USB lights. I gave up trying to declutter.

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