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Adorn yourself with Pixar magic with stunning 'Toy Story' themed jewelry from Japan

By Kay, SoraNews24

There’s no question the Toy Story series is a huge part of the Disney Pixar media collection, and we’re sure plenty of fans around the world were excited to see the recently released (or if you’re in Japan, soon to be released) "Toy Story 4."

And it just so happens we’ve found the perfect accessories for Toy Story fans — stylish and refined jewelry inspired by the movie series that will let you wear your favorite characters anytime, anywhere.

Yes, the beloved Toy Story characters are now available as necklaces and rings from Japanese jeweler K. Uno (the same jewelers behind those lovely Evangelion and Pokemon accessories). Let’s take a look at the charming pieces, shall we?

▼ Here’s the Brave Sheriff necklace (36,300 yen that combines the patterns from Woody’s shirt and vest with a sheriff’s star decorated with a diamond in the center.


▼ And this Space Hero necklace (39,600 yen) showcases Buzz Lightyear’s trademark coloring using peridot and amethyst stones.


▼ This lovely Sweet Lady necklace (37,400 yen) recreates the lace patterns on Bo Peep’s costume using pink gold, with a diamond in the center to add the finishing touch.


The good news is that there are also some silver necklaces, priced slightly more affordably.

▼ Here are Hamm the piggy bank, Mr. Potato Head, and the Ducky and Bunny pair as silver necklaces (8,800 yen) available exclusively from the K. Uno online shop.


▼ The Cosmic Aliens ring (66,000 yen) features three diamonds symbolizing the little green men huddled close together.


We’re sure all of these pieces look quite tempting to "Toy Story" fans. While those of us in Japan have to wait until July 12 for the new movie to come out, the accessories we’ve introduced here are available at K. Uno locations across Japan and also their online shop.

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Source, images: @Press

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