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Ai Ma Ni helps you maintain good posture


With the end of 2023 just over two months away, there’s a good chance it’ll be pretty hectic before we can enjoy the office bounenkai (year-end party). Whether you work from home or commute to the office, long hours in front of your computer might be a familiar occurrence this time of year. Avoid getting “tech neck” and other spine-related issues by setting aside time each day to work on your posture. 

Photo: King Jim

Ai Ma Ni is a series of products by King Jim that aims to help office workers and students who spend long hours at their desks. Don’t have the budget to buy an expensive ergonomic chair? Opt for their Cushion Corset that offers lumbar and cushion support.

Photo: King Jim

Meanwhile, the Scapula Stretch Chair adjusts to your seating posture and has attachments that can help relieve any tightness in your shoulders. Lastly, the balance ball comes with a pedestal that helps strengthen your core and improve your posture. 

Available from ¥8,000 you can purchase any of these products on the official King Jim website. 

Source: King Jim

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