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Roland has released a new keyboard, the V-Combo, which has organ, piano and synthesizer sounds. It is aimed at professional and amateur players as an instrument that does not require multiple keyboards to be used in live performances.

The organ sound and function have been enhanced; 9 harmonic bars to adjust the timbre are placed on the upper left section, creating the same acoustics as a vintage organ. The keyboard is divided into two, to play like organs with double manuals.

Retail price is around 190,000 yen.

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nice! will try add that to my collection! :D

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Too expensive. There are other cheaper choices.

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A keyboard with presets.


190,000yen? Nah. Roland were good with the SH101, their x0x boxes, etc, but the V-Synth stuff just sounds too Japanese.

You can get a couple of Nord Leads or a single second hand Access Virus TI for the same price.

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sorry a tab expensive.

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Interesting, but a tab expensive. It's had to get good piano and organ sounds out of a keyboard. I tried Rolands Juno series but they just don't cut it.

Nord makes a good one but again, expensive.

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It can play piano sounds AND organ sounds? NO WAY!

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Revolutionary, unheard of, amazing. Wait... this kind of keyboard has been out since the 1980's. Korg's M1, Roland's early digital keyboards, Kawaii, Kuzweil, Yamaha and the list goes on. In fact if you listed all the similiar keyboards that have ever been made the list would be too long to write here. No one has needed multiple boards, except by choice, for a very long time now. And the most modern players are using virtual tools now with only a controller.

An add. Not real tech news.

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