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ANAORI kakugama: The new cooking tool shaking up the culinary world


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In the entire 5 paragraphs of this ridiculously hyperbolic article, it never actually explains what this "brand-new cooking tool" does or how it cooks.

Is it a grill? a deep fryer? a boiler? an oven? using electric? gas? charcoal? solar?

Lots of exaggerated BS about nature and philosophy, but actual info on how the product functions.


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Totally agree Davinda. It's like watching a music video with the sound turned off.

Turns out it's a cooking pot, "kakugama." ("kaku" = has corners, "gama" = "kama" = cooking pot.)

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Nothing beats the the iron cooking tool that you get in small old stores.

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If I was being kind, I'd suggest that not actually telling us what it is, is a form of guerrilla marketing. You might be enticed to go to the website to find out. Well, you would if they gave the website, but they forgot that too. Thanks, BertieWooster.

I thought it might be a Japanese/Kubrick-styled version of the Remoska, but you plug a Remoska in.

It does indeed appear to be a cube-shaped cooking pot. It's 'lighter than iron', but you probably wouldn't want to drop it on your toe. The website claims that it is better than when cooking with charcoal. So good news for those who cook with charcoal in their kitchens but still haven't found what they're looking for.

The price: £1990 for the 3.4l one. £3690 for the 5.1l one. They forgot to include that too.

That may make it the world's most expensive cooking pot by some distance.

Impressively, I think they have out-Appled Apple with this. Given my plebeian status, I fear I may have to stick with my ten quid saucepan. But is it an interesting glimpse into how the other half live.

And bonus points for having an English language version of the website and offering to ship it abroad. Always good to see.

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I’m still waiting to see this harmony with nature.

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