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Animal buddy humidifiers enjoy a dip while taking care of your room

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By grape Japan

Animal lovers have plenty of reasons to check in with Japanese cute--and sometimes bizarre--goods retailer Village Vanguard. Over the past few months they've released cat-themed gaming earphoneshamster butt stationery holders, and adorable animal workout buddy balance ball covers.

Now you can count on some animal friends to help your room from getting too dry with these bubbly animal dome humidifiers.


The bare bones eco-friendly humidifiers require no electricity, simply and quietly sucking up water from the reservoir below each animal. The humidifiers create the image of whales, penguins, capybara, and samoyeds popping up after a dip in the water.









Each humidifier is priced at 1,628 yen, and available for order in Japan via Village Vanguard's online store, or Amazon for overseas customers.

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