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Anti-pollen glasses

By Mayuko Uno

JIN Co Ltd, which sells glasses, will release the JINS Kafun (pollen) Cut Clean anti-pollen glasses on Jan 28.

The frame of the glasses is coated with a photocatalyst-containing paint so that pollen allergens, viruses and germs attached to it are decomposed. As in the case of general anti-pollen glasses, the frame around the lenses prevents pollens from entering the eyes, and the photocatalyst prevents pollen allergens, etc attached to the glasses from entering a room, according to the company.

The photocatalyst employed for the glasses is titanium apatite. It generates active oxygen by using ultraviolet (UV) light and decomposes allergens into water and carbon dioxide to detoxify pollens. When titanium apatite powder was mixed with cedar pollen allergens and exposed to UV light for 24 hours, 98% of the allergens were decomposed, JIN said.

Compared with titanium oxide, titanium apatite causes less damage to resin frames and features a high durability. According to the company, the JINS Kafun Cut Clean is the world's first anti-pollen glasses using titanium apatite.

Price: 4,900 yen.

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OMG. I have a bridge to Brooklyn for sale, cheap, to go along with these glasses.

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Let's disregard the pollen covering your clothes and being inhaled the second you step out the door.

Well, they sure do love their useless gadgets here.

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You thown in an Air Doctor neck strap and a Man bra, you got yourself a deal.

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JINS Kafun Cut Clean is the world’s first anti-pollen glasses using titanium apatite

Why are we constantly bombarded by these no big deal claims? Let's big these specs up a bit:

JINS Kafun Cut Clean is simultaneously the world’s heaviest yet lightest, most expensive yet cheapest, and biggest yet smallest anti-pollen glasses using titanium apatite! (ぱしぱしぱし)

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I don't know how much these will cost, but I am sure there will be a long Que of people that will buy them.

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