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Anyone need a stapler?


PLUS will sell a low-cost stapler at half the price of conventional products. The manufacturing process and raw materials were reviewed to reduce the cost. The stapler is half the weight of standard products, making it easier to carry and use.

The company hopes to boost their sales performance, which has been affected by businesses cutting back on office supply expenditures, by promoting the reasonable pricing of the stapler.

The price of the Flat Hotchkiss Pitahit is 315 yen. PLUS expanded its Vietnam factory last August and improved production efficiency, which contributed to the low pricing of the product.

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If it's not a 100 yen not going to sell.

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Half the price of conventional products? As this is the sort of thing people get from 100 yen shops, half the conventional price would be 73 yen and that would include staples.

The interesting thing about the article is that it comes from Vietnam, which is starting to become the next Asian tiger. "Made in Vietnam" will soon be commonplace.

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Didn't they get that from Office Space? Milton is going to be angry.

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not for 3x the price i don't...thanks though

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You could walk around the busy streets as Staple Man all day selling this and giving out free staples. Would you like a staple with that? -and of course have the supersize stapler on your back for the 20 page and greater shots -a stapler that you would stand on to drive the mammoth staple thru as patrons watch in awe.

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hotchkiss where does that word come from...

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"Hotchkiss" comes from E.H. Hotchkiss, a U.S.-based company from which the stationary firm Itoki imported the first staplers to Japan in the mid-Meiji period (and not, as urban legend has it, from B.B. Hotchkiss, an engineer responsible for designing several types of revolving cannons and other weapons, though the two gentlemen were contemporaries and may have been cousins).

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I can get one at the dollar store for a dollar that is lighter thatn that and probably works about the same.

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thank you, sk4ek

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The stapler is half the weight of standard products, making it easier to carry and use

I just never thought of a stapler as being heavy equipment. Anyone ever heard of an office injury caused by someone hauling a heavy stapler around?

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