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Asahi Super Dry beer in spring sakura package

By RocketNews24

It’s still in the middle of winter in Japan, but beer bottles and cans from Asahi are already dressing up for sakura-filled spring.

Asahi Breweries has recently released their line of “Asahi Super Dry Special Package” beer, which will come in specially designed spring-themed packaging for a limited time only.

Although the beer itself is the same Asahi Super Dry as usual, the packaging is decorated in vivid pink colors featuring sakura (cherry) flowers in full bloom, sure to brighten any meal or party this coming spring.

This is the second year Asahi Breweries is coming out with a special spring package, after last year’s line was extremely well-received especially by women and younger consumers, selling a total of 620,000 cases, which was more than twice the projected figure. This year, they’ve increased the number of products from last year’s two to seven.

The product line will consist of: 633-milliliter and 500-milliliter bottles, 135-milliliter, 250-milliliter, 350-milliliter and 500-milliliter cans, and a special two-liter “mini aluminum barrel”.

We have to say, it’s quite impressive and festive to see the entire rage of bottles and cans lined up. The 350-milliliter and 500-milliliter cans are already on sale, while the rest of the products will be delivered on a made-to-order basis starting on March 8. Plus, some of the 633-milliliter and 500-milliliter cans were apparently sold on February 2 and will again be for sale on March 29.

The Asahi Super Dry Special Package items are scheduled to be available until the end of April, so you may want to keep you eyes open for them if you’re going to be in Japan in the coming months. These bright pink cans and bottles should be a great way to add a touch of spring cheer to any get-together!

Source: Asahi Breweries press release via Japaaan Magazine

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What ? No cherry blossoms in it ?

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I buy beer by how it tastes, not whether or not it comes in a pretty pink can or not.

Of course, I suppose if the beer does not have a lot of taste to begin with, then the can counts for more than it should.

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