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Automatic coin counting machine

By Yoriko Takahashi

In Japan, many of us still feel more comfortable paying by actual cash and carry lots of bills and coins around, while people in North America or Europe use actual cash less and less.

Thanko just released new automatic coin counting machine for those who want to make their life much easier when it comes to coin counting.

You can throw up to 500 coins in the machine. After you push the start button, the machine will start counting the total amount of coins inside and then sort them to the appropriate sections according to the type of coins.

Also, if you want exactly 50 of 100-yen coins for instance, the machine is able to stop running when it has counted 50 of 100-yen coins.

Thanko doesn't say that it's only for Japanese coins, but I assume it is.

Price: ¥19,800 Size: 347x317x273mm Weight: 4.3kg

Source: AkihabaraNews

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I used to have a bottle I put my change in. It was a 20 liter whiskey bottle (left over from some promotion or other).

When it was full I took all the coins to the bank in a big bag and started depositing them 100 by 100 in the slots provided.

After doing this about 10 times, a bank staff member came over and took the big bag off me - brought it behind the counter and dumped it all into some massive coin counter that had it all counted in a few seconds (about 30,000yen worth of 1, 5, 10, 50yen coins. They even gave me back a non-Japanese coin that had found its way in.

didn't cost me 17,000yen either.

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That's a lot of coins to count coins for the average person who would need it only after breaking open his piggy bank. Handy item for a small store that had several vending machines. Good for playing a coin counting game.

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Thanks Thanko (!)

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it's not as much japanese prefer paying in cash as it is that not many shops take credit cards . they seem to be having trouble catching up to the 21st century .

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it's not as much japanese prefer paying in cash as it is that not many shops take credit cards

Very true ! However, they are getting better ! I remember (several years ago) my Japanese fiancé (who had lived several years in America) took me to a "Sushi restaurant" in the bowels of a Mitsukoshi Dept. Store. When the waiter brought the bill, my fiancé gave him his credit card... That created quite a stir ! The manager came over saying they couldn't accept credit cards... Finally they finally found a "solution"... the waiter took the credit card into the store (where they DID accept them) and they gave him the cash... Luckily for us or we might still be "dishwashers" to this day !

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@ irishosaru - a 20 Litre whisky bottle? I'm seriously impressed with your liver if you got through that yourself!

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Can't imagine buying this product unless I were running a small storefront business. As an individual, I find I haven't even been much affected coin-wise by the recent tax increase that has brought on more odd prices because in recent years I have been more and more using electronic money. Suica, Nanaco, Edy, and Waon cards are all to be found in my wallet and they don't make it as heavy as a bunch of coins would. They are not credit cards so I don't need to worry about having enough money in the bank to pay the monthly bills, and I only keep them topped up to an amount I feel would be bearable to lose if the wallet is stolen or lost. I have some beautiful and interesting containers that I used to drop my spare change in -- now I'm trying to figure out another appropriate use for them.

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