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Baby Bird Reincarnation sofa bed

By Casey Baseel, SoraNews24

What is it that makes taking a nap on the sofa so comfy? You’d expect to get your best sleep in a bed, seeing as how it’s specifically designed for that purpose, and yet sometimes the more refreshing, restful snooze is the one you simply drift off into while stretching out on the couch. This phenomenon works the other way around, too. Reading, playing video games, watching TV, or perusing the finest content the internet has to offer are all activities that should lend themselves well to enjoying while seated on a sofa, but somehow gain a special leisurely luxurious appeal when you do them while still lying in bed.

So ideally, what we want is a single piece of furniture that can fit all those needs whether going with or against conventional logic, and that’s just what’s on offer from Japanese interior company Tansu no Gen.


The Fukuoka-based company calls this multi-purpose marvel the Baby Bird Reincarnation 3-Way Sofa Bed, which would seem a touch over-dramatic if it didn’t also look ridiculously comfortable. “Once sampling the sensation of feeling like a chick [in its nest], you won’t be able to return to being a human,” Tansu no Gen promises/cautions about the design, which has a sunken-in-the-center construction to create a wall of coziness around you should you reposition one or both of the softly stuffed cushions.


The Baby Bird Reincarnation 3-Way Sofa Bed can be adjusted to 18 different degrees of incline, allowing you to sit alert and upright (with a cushion on your lap) if you’re doing something that requires attention and focus, or lie completely flat if you’ve used enough of those two previous mental resources for the day and are ready for full-relaxing mode. Alternatively, you can sit side-by-side with a friend or family member, as you would on a sofa, and you can remove the center cushions and place them behind yourselves, where the rim of the “nest” will keep them in place to use as padding so you’re not leaning directly against the wall.



Since the Baby Bird Reincarnation 3-Way Sofa Bed is stuffed throughout with soft but supportive mattress coils, it gives you all the comfort of a mattress even when you’re using it like a chair, so switching from lounging to snoozing as soon as the mood strikes you shouldn’t be a problem at all.


The cushion covering can also be removed and machine-washed, which should come in handy if you decide to occasionally have some snacks in your nest (and let’s be honest, you will).


The Baby Bird Reincarnation 3-Way Sofa Bed comes in five different colors and is priced at 29,999 yen through both the Tansu no Gen online shop (here) and Rakuten (here).

Source: PR Times

Insert images: PR Times, Tansu no Gen 

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Looks very inviting.

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The utility of this makes it very attractive. As a frequent sofa-snoozer, I'd rather have this than the sofa.

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