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Child care product maker Aprica's new ergonomic baby carrier has a waist belt to offer the back more support. It only weighs 395 grams and costs 7,800 yen.

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Am happy my baby days are gone. Too much crap to have to deal with.

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I miss the baby days, wish I were young enough to do it all again. I never strapped a kid on my back, though.

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Aside from the lack of sleep and occasionally bewildering crying temper tantrums (babies need a change of scenery too and seem to cry out of frustration) - I miss the baby days - they were so cute and playful...and simple. Making them was also a blast (when it's somewhat planned).

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The only time I ever strapped my kids on my back was to let them enjoy ski-ing with me... One on my back, the other on his "baby" skis ! (I am a ski instructor)

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Looks nice. I have wondered if kids prefer to be strapped onto the front where they can see the face of their parent...

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seaforte-you make no sense-making them a blast and somewhat planned. Sure sounds good. How many kids you got? how many times you had a blast? Why is this even on here-trying to get some blue mothers to comment here? Like there a million-exaggeration-different types of carriers already out there. This seems a little expensive to me. Either front or back has their benefits-cept Im starting to think recently that they were designed so that mothers could feel guilty about having a baby to care for. Ive decided all mothers should have the luxury of enjoying their baby.

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Cleo, if I have one, you're more than welcome to come down and look after them!!

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Like I said tmarie, I wish I were young again.....Just the occasional weekend looking after the granddaughter has me exhausted these days!

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And here I was thinking I might have daycare problems solved! ;)

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If you ever had a handi-cap kid at home, some of you might not wish for those early days again.

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