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Bacon and Potato Pie-sen

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By grape Japan

McDonalds Japan’s bacon and potato pie is back, and this time it’s got some crunchy word play.

It’s been rebranded as the Bacon Potato Piesen. Pie-sen comes from slang for senpai in which the two syllables have switched around to make paisen. The character pai of course, has the same pronunciation as pie which is where this tasty pun comes from.

Despite your sen-pie’s crusty outer layer, he has a warm, creamy centre made up of smoky bacon, creamy sauce and potato.

There are four different varieties of stereotypical senpai that you can come across, which seems heavily inspired by anime’s "notice me senpai" trope. Each one is signified by a slightly different facial expression and quote hidden at the top of the pie packaging.


A fiery guy with furrowed brows exclaims 'let's get hot!!'

Perhaps a dangerous and poetic type, the Piesen with glasses claims, 'if you eat me carelessly, you'll get burned!'

One of them is the cool heartthrob senpai. He knows all about your secret crush, and with blushing cheeks, his line reads ‘…because you like me.’

There's also a weepy one who pleads, "you'll eat me again... won't you?"

The Piesen will disappear around the middle of May.

Source: McDonald's Japan

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