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Banana doughnuts and shake


Krispy Kreme Doughnuts' latest offerings in Japan are banana doughnuts, being sold under a "Go Banana” campaign, and Banana Chocolate Shake. The shake uses Ecuadorean bananas and the doughnuts feature crispy banana tips inside.

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Ecuadorian bananas! As an Ecuadorian I'm so proud... I just hope they hadn't been exported by Grupo Noboa

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great features - keep up the good work. none of that tacky advertising for jt.

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Isn't it interesting that there are long lines for Krispy Kreme, but not at The Donut Plant shops?

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WOW this looks so delicious !!

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"Go Banana"

Ha ha ha ha ha! How about "Go Bananas!"

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Bananas are one of the fastest selling vegitables & fuit in most food stores in Canada. If you watch some of the tennis matches the competitors will have a banana during a break.

Like to-day I was due to a work party at our Gun Range & instead of the usual breakfast I had half of a banana along with a Protein shake.

After 4 hours of steady work a hot lunch was ready for us. Usually I skip dinner. So when home & around usual suppertime I decided to use up the other half of the bandana along with the protein shake & a small dish of peaches.

When I am out for a five to eight hour of riding my motorcycle I will often drop into a small town restaurant at half-way point to have tea & a blue-berry muffin. Now if it was a banana muffin, like banana bread then that would be my choice & would be my brunch for the day.

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