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Bandai has released a new toy, thevMoso Controller, that simulates game playing through sound effects. The main unit is designed to resemble a video game controller. By listening to the sound from the speaker the user imagines the scene of the game and presses the keys of the controller.

Five models are available including “Pro Yakyuu Famista” by Namco (currently Namco Bandai Games) and “Street Fighter 2” by Capcom. The user can enjoy a simulated experience of these popular games from the 1980s.

The product will be sold at variety stores for 888 yen.

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Genius. The whole range

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Bandai, once the proud makers of the Wonderswan range of consoles are reduced to this rubbish, very sad.

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Oh. My. God.

This is just so very, very wrong.

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Good for the vision impared people.

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Does this seem unnatural?

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9 bucks for a box that makes noise...the locals will snap it up

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(E. Honda stage)


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