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Bandai Sushi figures

By Yoriko Takahashi

Bandai is going to release a new Sushi figures series called - Gyakusaisei Motomodoru Sushimodoru - (long name!!) to their Gachapon machines on Jan 22. It's a machine that you insert coins, turn the nob, and get a random capsule toy.

These sushi figures are transformative. Their parts can be disassembled and you can assemble them into the original ingredients of the sushi, for example a tuna sushi figure can be transformed into a whole tuna fish.

There will be 5 Gyakusaisei Motomodoru Sushimodoru models available:

Tuna sushi → Tuna Ikura sushi → Salmon eggs Squid sushi → Squid Kappa-maki → Cucumber Tamago sushi → Egg

Price: ¥200 each

Source: AkihabaraNews

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