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Baskin Robbins Japan’s summer Pokemon lineup includes Pikachu ice cream and Poke Ball cake

By grape Japan

Japan’s branches of Baskin Robbins often turn their delicious and icy expertise to collaborations with beloved pop culture institutions. We’ve seen their sweet takes on Disney characters, and even classic anime character Doraemon made his Baskin Robbins debut.

But one of their most popular team efforts is surely their awesome Pokemon offerings. The instantly loveable combination of Pokemon and ice cream is back for the summer with several treats appearing on the menu.


As Baskin Robbins is known colloquially as 31 in Japan, the campaign is called 31 Poke Summer, and they claim it will be loved by kids and nostalgic adults alike.

The inventive lineup includes the option to decorate your ice cream with yellow Pikachu-shaped candy. And there’s even a special flavor called Pikachu Happy Party, a yoghurt and apple flavor which, for the first time in history for Baskin Robbins, even contains lactic acid bacteria.


Another flavor has reappeared for the occasion, Triple Soda with Pikachu, the three sodas being cola, soda (a ramune-style taste) and melon soda.


There’s also an adorable Pokemon Surpise Cake (3,600 yen) shaped like a Poke Ball and featuring several fan favorite Pokemon.


The aforementioned surprise is that the inside is filled with Pikachu candy.


If you truly want to catch ‘em all, Baskin Robbins ice cream flavors can be sampled in Poke Ball shaped cups. These colorful containers filled with ice cream come in packs of six in the Pokemon Ice Cream Master Set (3,400 yen) or you can go for the Pokemon Double Pack (540 yen).


The campaign is running until Aug 31 at branches of Baskin Robbins in Japan while stocks last.

Source: PR Times

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