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Baskin Robbins Japan assembles an awesome Marvel Avengers ice cream cake to save the day

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By Jess, grape Japan

The Japanese branches of Baskin Robbins (known as 31 over here) are a great place for ice cream enthusiasts to find awesome creations inspired by various characters. Previously, their icy expertise has been put to good use forming Disney inspired Girls’ Day ice cream sets and Star Wars cakes. Their newest effort is one for fans of superhero movies and comic books.

For this very heroic ice cream cake, Baskin Robbins have assembled some of Marvel’s most popular characters and dedicated a slice to each of them.

Six characters have been chosen and the top of each slice has been elaborately decorated to represent each hero. There’s Captain America, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Thor, Black Widow and Hulk.


The inside of the cake boasts a different ice cream flavor for each slice, and a base of either chocolate sponge cake or white sponge cake.


The cake comes in an awesome comic book style box with various other Marvel themed trappings such as a character-studded cake film and even a set of Marvel coasters.


It would make the perfect birthday cake for a Marvel fan, or a great accompaniment while binging all the Avengers movies with five other friends.

This cake will fly into branches of Baskin Robbins in Japan from April 23 and will set you back 3700 yen.

Source: PR Times

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Not sure I would try this one, but sanjuichi make some great ice cream.

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