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Bath pillow with smartphone holder


Thanko has released a bath pillow with an arm to hold your smartphone.

Some people might like to bring their smartphone with waterproof case to the bathroom and play with it while having a nice long bath. But even if your smartphone is in a waterproof case, you involuntarily keep holding it out of water so that it doesn't get soaked in the water just in case, and your arms will eventually get tired although you want to have an absolute relaxing time.

Now, Thanko's bath pillow holds your smartphone for you and allows you to keep both arms in the hot water. It comes with a waterproof smartphone case which attaches to the end of the pillow arm with velcro tape.

Length of the arm and firmness of the pillow are adjustable.

Price: ¥2,480 Color: White, Pink, Gray Pillow part: 460x220x90mm Arm part: 320x70x560mm

Source: AkihabaraNews

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One more giant leap for mankind.

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Finally Alexander Graham Bell can rest in his grave.

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Oy vey! Can't anyone do anything without involving an android device anymore? Really!

Orwell was presentient, but wrong.

Instead of hiding from Big Brother's watchful eye we have embraced him and taken him not only into our beds, but also our baths.

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Her husband's in bed, with the matching pale blue "Bath pillow with smartphone holder".

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What I love about a bath - especially a Japanese bath where you are in bathwater up to your neck - is that it's a time to think - a time to go over what happened today, a time to plan out what to do tomorrow - a time WITHOUT THE PHONE!

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