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Seasonal sweets represent Japanese summer with fireworks festival wagashi

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Wagashi is a term encompassing many different types of traditional Japanese sweets and desserts. They are known for their subtle but exquisite taste, and elegant presentation. Another charming point of wagashi is that seasons and events play a big part in the selection of ingredients and flavors, as well as how they look.

One Japanese confectionery shop that specialises in such seasonal wagashi is Tsuruya Yoshinobu. This Kyoto-based store was founded in 1803, and they use seasonal motifs in their sweets such as cherry blossom for spring, and autumn leaves, resulting in gorgeous wagashi.

Last month they had starry yokan to celebrate Tanabata, and this month they’re selling fireworks yokan to mark summer. Summer festivals in Japan go hand in hand with fireworks displays, so this lovely design is perfect to represent the season.


Yokan is a traditional sweet made from red bean paste, agar, and sugar, and it is often sold as a block to be sliced up. This summer yokan has been made with the image of giant red and yellow fireworks in mind. The fireworks are trapped in a transparent layer above a purple backdrop to represent the night sky.


Each sweet is made by hand, and the delicate design is made by applying suri mitsu, which is similar to fondant, over a stencil.


The packaging mirrors this design with fireworks in a purple sky.


Just like the season, this sweet is only around for a short time. It will be on sale until August 20 at branches of Tsuruya Yoshinobu and other stockists, as well as on their online store.

Source: PR Times

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