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Beer shampoo


Toy maker Bandai Corp has a new shampoo for beer lovers. The new product features hop essence just like real beer. Pour hot water into the bottle and shake it. The suds blow from the bottle like a real beer shower. The product is available at convenience stores, supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

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toy maker with beer shampoo... no better way to get young children excited about the thrill of alcohol.

they should come out with a cigarette conditioner that can simulate being in a smoky bar for 4 hours.

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I won't use it. It would just go straight to my head.

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I am an athiest...but perhaps there is a God after all....

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My mom used to make a beer shampoo for our dogs 20 years ago. I thought she was crazy...and then I came to Japan!

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Streth, we used beer shamppoo decades ago here in Blighty.

We also used to used stout to flatten our hair, instead of Brylcreem, wll us poor people done it anyway.

So , really this idea aint nuffink new. Probably some boffin looked up old fashioned hair treatment son the internet and made peole think he is a bright spark, hah. Bleeding con if you ask me.

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beer shampoo O_o;;;

im not a beer fan but id love to try it and see what my beer loving uncles think xD

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It is suposed youe head must smell clean isnt it?... something like menthol or lavanda or citric essence... BUT BEER????... i guess beer does not smell good at all... what's next nattou smell shampoo or fried chicken?... It seems somebody is using drugs at the researching department at the company.

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Why ?????????

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"I won't use it. It would just go straight to my head."

Good one, Simon.

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When i was young in Canada i remember a beer shampoo, bandai is targeting the older generation cos the toy industry is not making much money cos of the low birth rate in Japan, i hope no one gets confused and thinks its consumable..."

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I thought the point of showering was to NOT smell like beer.

Well, for me anyway.

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This isn't for beer lovers at all. I bought it today. It's in a dinky little plastic bottle and basically aimed at children. It was amonst the videogames/dvds/softcore stuff at my local 7/11, which were flanked by gundam and other exhausting robot crap.

It's just a toy, and nothing more. About as adult as a whoopie cushion or one of those toys that grows 10x when water is added (warning! do not eat!).

A toy and nothing more.

nb. I bought it to send to a friend as Japanese silliness.

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If it leaves you smelling like beer you may have a little problem at the office the next day. Come to think of it I can smell like beer the next morning with no help from Bandai.

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