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Bento box heats up rice in only 14 minutes


Retailer Thanko has recently released an innovative compact rice cooker the size of a bento lunch box. Put in the right amount of rice and water, as you would do for a normal rice cooker, and press the attached switch to cook hot rice in the short time of 14 minutes. This bento box rice cooker is perfect for those who wish to eat steaming rice instead of rice reheated in the microwave, but don’t have the time to cook it properly. 

The rice cooker can cook up to a maximum of approximately two bowls of rice. The bento box can be washed easily without detaching anything and does not take up much storage space. Costs 6,980 yen (tax included).

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cook hot rice in the short time of 14 minutes

So you save 3 whole minutes.

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Normal rice cooker is about 40 minutes.

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20 minutes with a "quick boil" function.

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We don't have a quick boil. Need a new rice cooker. This one might be good and making cakes too. Power consumption 180 watts.

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My microwave takes 3 minutes...

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Where can I buy this?

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You can buy it from Allegro Japan.

Their blog also mentions how to use it, very helpful!

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