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Better singing through chemistry


Booze is out. For a 21st-century dose of chemical confidence in the karaoke box, discount electronics and geekery giant Laox brings you ProVoice. The text on the lippy black packet promises that a handful of the sweet and sour pills contained within will give your voice range, clarity and luster. Our testers agreed that the blueberry flavored tablets made their tongues tingle — but a wonder pill? Placebo effect or not, ProVoice just might be the boost you need the next time your Japanese friends insist on a little ditty by Mariah or Whitney. (Sandra Barron/Metropolis)

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I'll stick to the booze, thank you very much.

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I thought the whole point of karaoke was to get drunk on your butt. Is there a magic pill that will make me drunk enough to sing? Well, yeah, but, well, you know.....

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Booze (particularly beer) is really bad for your vocal chords - doesn't lead to a good vocal performance at all, in my experience.

Mind you, I'm the sort of person who doesn't need a drink in order to be induced to sing....

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