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Tired of cradling increasingly slim cell phones between your ear and shoulder? You could try the Bluetooth headset option — which we wouldn’t wish on our worst enemy — but one company, Yubz, offers another approach: go big or go home. Think clunky, obnoxious and totally retro.

The Yubz Talk Mobile is a regular-sized telephone receiver, outfitted with a special adapter to fit most Japanese cell phones. It’s meant as a fashion statement, yes, but it’s also functional if, for example, you use your mobile at your desk. The Yubz Talk Mobile comes in several bold colors, including yellow, red and pink. (Beau Miller/Metropolis)

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THAT is PROGRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Most sales will be to louts looking to get a laugh!

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It would be fun to stick your keitai in a bag and then talk on this thing in public...c'mon, you know you want to try it....the looks from passers-by would be "priceless"...

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I love it!

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It only has a "mini jack" connector, so it is not much use to the modern FOMA type phones with the flat connector, unless you buy an adapter.

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6,300 yen, seems a little pricey. I think that 1,500 yen is a decent price.

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Getting a decent used old phone in Akihabara, then a connector - this will do the job!

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Correction - it does come with an adapter, so you can use it with the modern FOMA type phones. Mine arrived today!

And of course it is good for reducing the risk of brain cancer from having a cellular phone too close to your head!

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