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Black Clear Highball


Black Nikka Clear Blend, the most popular whisky by Nikka Whisky, is mixed with a more carbonated water and lemon juice, to appeal to people who usually don't drink whisky. The sweetness has been removed to make the drink more refreshing, and there is no sugar. The alcoholic content is 7%.

The highball will be first sold in convenience stores. At 179 yen, it is 10 yen cheaper than Suntory's Highball.

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I love (and miss) Chu-Hi, but I never got into any of these other "mixed drink" canned beverages. The mixed cocktails tended to be too sweet, and the quality of whiskey in the highball drinks tends to be really low.

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They are desperate to promote the Highball... but they should have done it 10 years ago, now everyone is drinking whatever else.

When was the last time you saw someone drinking whisky?

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I usually drink Whiskey (on the rocks usually), and a lot of Japanese men still do. But I think it's hard to find a whiskey drinker who drinks pre-mix... considering a half decent bottle of single malt or even a bad to ok Scotch blend (Johnny red/black or Chivas) is only about 1100yens to 2000yen...

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Yesterday, in fact. Whiskey is both tasty and is great at cleaning white erase boards (higher alcohol content and cheaper than solution you get at the store). Now you know. Personally, I prefer an occasional Cognac, beer, and Hi Chu. But the last two leave strong smells on the white board.

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