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Blue-light-cut PC glasses for kids


Elecom has released blue-light-cut PC glasses for kids, ‘ECLEAR’, designed to protect childrens' eyes from blue light exposure (*1) during the use of portable game devices, smartphones and PCs.

The new release is an addition to the existing series of blue-light-cut PC glasses for children designed to protect their eyes from blue light which is said to cause eye strain and dry eyes. There are two sizes available, one for children in the lower grades of primary schools and the other for those in the higher grades.

ECLEAR, G-BUB-W02S/L models have been specifically developed for children who tend to spend more time staring at the displays of portable game devices and smartphones. The products cut down 65% of blue light, which is said to be the cause for eyestrain and flickering, successfully reducing the amount of blue light that reaches the retina. In addition, the products shut out 99 per cent of ultra violet rays, which are also harmful to human eyes and bodies, reducing the burden on the child's eyes.

The lenses and frames have been designed first and foremost to be safe for children. Since children in general are very active, their lenses and frames are more likely to become damaged, compared to adult glasses. The lenses are made of impact-resistant polycarbonate, which makes it harder to break (*2).

Instead of using metal frames, which carry a higher risk of hurting your child when broken, these glasses use plastic frames. Also, their flexible temples not only increase safety but also provide a gentle fit to your growing child. The nose pads are comprised of soft material that offers a comfortable fit by reducing pressure on the nose.

Both of the new models are available in three different colors and adopt popular Wellington type frames, perfect for children who want to look stylish in glasses. They come with a special case for keeping and carrying the glasses, and which can also be used for cleaning the glasses. On one side of the package is a barcode label for you to quickly refer to measurements based on the boxing system.

Open pricing.

*1: Blue light is included in natural light and has high energy and a wavelength close to that of UV rays, which are harmful to human eyes and bodies. It is said that blue light is able to pass the cornea and crystalline lens of the eye without being absorbed, and can end up reaching the retina, which can cause the retina to deteriorate.

*2: These glasses have been designed to reduce the impact exerted on the lenses, but we cannot guarantee against breakages.

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I think these should be banned, why? well my son spends 6 hours (or more) a day on his xbox and it will be another excuse to spend EVEN longer on the dam thing!

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Great! In years to come I'll be able to say, "Sure my son's a vacuum-headed, zomboid lump with a welfare dependency but thank goodness I took measures to protect his eyesight."

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