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Elecom has released two new BlueLED mice that are equipped with BlueLED sensors to provide superior tracking capabilities at a reasonable price.

The sensor of the BlueLED mouse is equipped with a BlueLED that offers excellent tracking performance. The blue light of the BlueLED has a shorter wavelength and higher reading accuracy compared to the red light of existing optical mice, so tracking is accurate even on surfaces with dust or those that are uneven. And since the mouse can be used on surfaces like glass, transparent sheets, and carpet -- surfaces that existing optical mice cannot not handle well -- the mouse can be used comfortably in any number of places

The two new series of mice are both BlueLED-equipped, so they can be used comfortably in any number of places, and are both priced reasonably. Tracking performance may decrease when used on perfectly transparent glass surfaces, or perfectly flat surfaces.

The M-BL12UB series is a larger-sized mouse, so you can hold it with your entire hand. It gives you the sensation of having a solid, firm grip, so you can move the mouse around without applying any force with your fingers. It's recommended for people with larger hands who have trouble holding regular-sized mice, or for those who spend long hours using their mouse, or even for beginners who aren't quite used to using a mouse.

It's wired, allowing for stable, consistent operation, and at 1000 DPI, it can be used in a number of environments while yielding smooth movement.

The M-BL6DB series is wireless, and has a symmetrical design that is easy to grip and fits right in your hand. It has five buttons, and is equipped with Forward and Back buttons to make web browsing more convenient.

The wireless system uses the 2.4GHz band, decreasing the effects of noise. On non-metallic surfaces, operating distance is a maximum of about 10 meters, while about 3 meters on metallic surfaces such as a steel desk, so you can use the mouse in comfort in a wide range of locations. Resolution is 1000 DPI, so it can be used in a number of environments while yielding smooth movement. The receiver unit is extremely small - about the size of a 1 yen coin - so it doesn't get in the way, and can even be left connected to a laptop's USB port and carried around without a problem. It can even be stored inside the mouse when not in use. Other convenient features include a power switch on the backside of the mouse so you can turn it off completely, and a low battery indicator lamp to alert you when it is time to change batteries.

Both series come in six color variations.

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i guess thatll cut the use of mouse pads

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I like tech reports, but this sounded like a copy/paste of a marketing release. More reporting and less hyping, please. How would this mouse stand laser mice, for example? The micro-receiver is nothing new, Logitech (Logicool) has been using those for years. JapanToday is my favorite news site focusing on Japan, but the past year has seen some sloppy writing here and there.

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Microsoft has been selling their "Blue-track" mice for years. They claim it's even better than laser mice.

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