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Sharp Corp will introduce into the Japanese market six new LED lamp models, including the E17-base compact lamp that achieves brightness at the industry’s highest levels.

The DL-JA51N E17-base compact lamp achieves brightness (500 lumens) and luminous efficiency (96 lm/W) at the industry’s highest levels.

Moreover, Sharp will introduce a chandelier lamp to especially meet the needs of commercial establishments, such as hotels and restaurants, and increase the E17-base models that are expected to grow in demand.

In addition, the two E26-base general lamp models weigh as little as 85 g, which is a weight reduction of up to 50% compared to current Sharp models.

Sharp is adding these new models to the existing adjustable-color and dimmable models and globe lamps, further boosting its line-up.

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And just how much will these little gems set us back? The price of LED lamps is just too high for me to justify changing all the lights in my house.

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At least no mercury in those ones...but sorry, still a rip off in the name of eco-here-and-there, I will gladly stick to buying good, old conventional lightbulbs.

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Expats here for the short-term would probably see no value in LEDs anyways. The usable life of these things runs on the order of 5-10 years, that's why it would save you more money in the end.

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Although the cost is high, we must make progress for the future. I think the ultimate cost if we don't will be higher.

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The cost of LED lamps is well below half of what it was just a year or two ago--I think Sharp's run about 3,000-4,000 yen, some models from Panasonic and Toshiba are even less. But there have been some complaints about longevity not being what it's claimed to be--though some of that is expected, since many, if not most, LED lamps are being used in fixtures originally designed for standard bulbs, and compatibility is still a little spotty.

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Price needs to come down. How much the components cost? I could get 100 white LEDs with over 250000mcd for a few bucks from eBay. The capacitors that lower the household voltage costs only a few cents, the rectifier and the resistors to limit the current to the LEDs only cost couple of cents when buying in quantity. Only the housing would cost more - I did built a few to replace my traditional light bulbs for fun and they runs well. Best is that light dimmer works on them.

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Have you seen some of the more advanced models? They have remote controls that link to the bulbs themselves, making any fixture in your house controllable by your hands. The settings include dimming, light warmth/color and timing. Incredibly complex for a lightbulb! It was round 6000yen when I saw it 3 months ago.

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I got one of those LED lights about 6-months ago.

Bought it at Village Vanguard and is a light-globe with stand, cord, etc and comes also with a remote, where you can set intensity, light-colour and even effects for colour switching. Was around 5.000Yen.

Plain light-bulb goes for around 4.000yen(incl remote).

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You can't beat Japanese made LED bulbs for brightness and light colour. But they are far too expensive like all new products which come out over here. I bought some E27 LED bulbs which will still fit the Japanese E26 base from Ebay USA which were cheap but nowhere near as good as the japanese ones.

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