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Butane-powered generator


Honda Motor Co will release in mid-May the all-new ENEPO EU9iGB generator, which is powered by easily purchased, used and stored home-use butane canisters. The ENEPO EU9iGB generator is the second Honda power product after the Pianta FV200 rotary tiller to be powered by home-use butane gas canisters.

Compact and offering output of 900 VA, the generator is accessible in three ways. One, its butane fuel is easy to handle and manage. Two, the generator itself is easy to transport and store. Three, it is very easy to use.

It features Honda's original high-speed multi-polar alternator generation system and sine wave inverter, enabling it to provide power to fragile instruments such as personal computers, lighting, power tools, cooking equipment and other appliances using 900 W or less of electricity.

Intended for use outside, the generator has large casters and a fold-down handle that make it easy to push or pull with one hand, as well as packaging that makes it easy to stow and store.

Ideal as a power source for outdoor leisure activities and as a backup power source during power failures and similar situations, the generator is positioned to create a new market for compact and convenient electrical generators.

Price has yet top be announced

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I want one!!

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Price is ¥104,790 (including tax) and to sold from 13 May.

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Nice - those gas cans are very cheap and available everywhere...

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Cool, but how long does it last until you need to refill it?

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A quick Google can get more info on this. I wish they didn't just copy-paste the info from the website though. And the running time would have been useful. In any case, it is rated to run for 1.1 hours at full load using two canisters specified by Honda. I wonder if Daiso canisters will be excluded...

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I'd consider getting one of these if they could make it a bit quieter. According to Honda's website, the noise level is around 80db. That's a big improvement over gasoline generators, but it would still be a bit intrusive for prolonged use.

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