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Cabinet stores, charges 10 tablets

By Yoriko Takahashi

Sanwa Supply has released a cabinet that allows you to store a maximum of 10 iPad/tablets for ¥79,800.

There are USB ports in each space so that you can charge them and you can synchronize all of the tablets at the same time with just a single touch of a sync button. It has a lock on the door and also you can use a security wire for double security. It has a built-in fan at the back of the device to pull the warm air outside.

It could be a great tool to manage and keep tablets for business use. Up to 3 cabinets can be stacked to conserve office space.

Model: 100-CAB001BK Size: W350×D305×H340mm Weight: 9.2kg

Source: AkihabaraNews

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80,000 yen! you have to be joking!

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@gogogo! Its not a joke!

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Just like the ergotron another overpriced charging cabinet

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I need this LOL

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Talk about your niche markets!

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