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Camera automatically sends photos to smartphone


Casio Computer Co has released a new digital camera in its EXILIM TR series — the EX-TR60. Equipped with the Selfie Art function designed especially for creating personalized self-portraits, the new model automatically sends photographed images to a smartphone via the Bluetooth low energy technology called Bluetooth Smart.

The new EX-TR60 features the Selfie Art function for adding artistic effects to images already made beautiful via make-up function. While checking the camera’s display, users can shoot a photo with six artistic effects, including High Key, which makes the photo look like it was taken right next to a window, and Foggy, which adds a softer ambience to the image.

Casio also equipped the EX-TR60 with Selfie Pad, a sensor positioned in the frame that can be used to easily operate a function previously selected from the menu, such as Selfie Art settings, zoom or shutter. As fans of Casio digital cameras would expect, this amazing new camera uses the popular Make-up Plus Technology, which reproduces the smoothness and naturalness of skin while preserving the gradation of the skin tones, and captures each and every eyelash and hair with remarkable clarity. With all these features, the EX-TR60 sets the new gold standard for taking self-portraits.

Compatible with Wi-Fi and also now with Bluetooth Smart format, the EX-TR60 allows users to automatically send images taken with the camera to a smartphone with just a press of the shutter button. This means that beautiful self-portraits taken with the Make-up Plus Technology can be posted on social networking sites and shared with friends just as effortlessly as photos taken on a smartphone. With the EX-TR60, users can not only take very attractive photos, but also enjoy the fun of showing and sharing their self-portraits with greater ease. Even when the camera is turned off, the wireless connection is maintained by Bluetooth Smart, allowing the user to use his or her smartphone to start up the camera, view the images stored in it, or even copy the images to the smartphone.

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Oh god this narcissistic piece.

Has been available in China and South-east asia for a while now, and its SUPER popular. It is also Ridiculously expensive... Like 80-100k expensive. All because some celebs endorsed it apparently. Its insane to think you can buy an SLR for less than one of these cameras, whose photo qualities have been compared to a standard iPhone at best.

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Wireless connections to smartphones/tablets have been standard for decent quality MILCs for a few years now.

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