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Camera accessories manufacturer Etsumi has added to its Berry series of nylon camera bags. The bags, which come in eight colors, including pink, red, and black, are designed to be both fashionable and easy to use.

The Berry, which retail for 4,725 yen, can hold a small digital camera and two lenses, with a larger version. The Berry-M, retailing for 7,500 yen, can accommodate a medium-sized camera.

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Do these small digital cameras typically use extra lenses? -I didn't know they did.

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Ridiculously expensive. Not for me.

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no kidding! that much for nylon ... no thanks

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if you check overseas based retail websites, there are plenty of far better camera bags that are far cheaper even after shipping to Japan. 7,500 yen for a DSLR bag? No thanks

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I bought a perfectly good bag for my camera at the 100 yen shop.

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Hell, you can buy a perfectly good used digital camera for 4,725 yen. Probably get 6 or 7 megapixels for that price.

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