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Camera-equipped mouse

By Yoriko Takahashi

King Jim will release a camera-equipped mouse on Jan 31. The mouse can take photos and automatically save the image data to your computer in a quick and manageable form.

The image can be quickly and easily used. For example, if you want to include an image of something in front of you in an email you are about to send, if you take a photo of it with a digital camera, it could take some time to save it to your PC. The camera-equipped mouse can help you do it much more quickly. When you take a photo with the mouse, your PC's screen becomes the camera's display. And the accompanying software will give you photo editing options.

Photos taken with the mouse are about 300-500KB so you don't need to compress them before attaching them to email.

Price: 4,200 yen

Source: AkihabaraNews

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If the photos taken are that small in size, then I doubt that the quality of them is any good. Last I checked it didn't take that much effort to load a picture from a digital camera to your computer. Funny novelty idea, but I think I'll pass.

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That's a great idea. A simple solution that will save people a lot of time.

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I agree. This might be pretty smart. An A4 b&w scan that reads perfectly fine is 350 K or less.

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Or I could just use my webcam, or the camera on my phone and plug it in, or my scanner.... this was a problem that really didn't need a solution.

I also doubt that the image would be very good, for reasons that wouldn't be obvious in laboratory testing, but should be very obvious once you examine any surface where mouses are used regularly. The constant contact with the wrist and base of the hand leave a fine coating of body oil over the surface, which would transfer to the mouse and distort the image, so you would need to wipe the mouse with some sort of oil remover before taking photos.

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Wow, it's a cabled mouse. How futuristic!

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