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Candy giant Lotte has released a new series of wafer chocolate candies called “Bikkuriman.” The chocolates, targeted at children, incorporate Japanese kanji characters so that kids can learn while they eat.

The kanji, featured alongside a mascot character, is printed onto a sticker included in the package. Lotte employed a popular video game developer to design the 40 different available stickers. The graphics depicted on the stickers are related to the featured kanji. The sticker with the “attack” kanji, for example, depicts a character in an action pose.

The backside of the stickers give the kanji's correct readings and stroke order.

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Well, this might be one good way to learn kanji! Take a look at this related article: entitled: The Curse of the Kanji!

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Candy giant Lotte has released a new series of wafer chocolate candies called “Bikkuriman.”

Since when has Bikkuriman been "new"?? They've been around YEARS.

Is this just bad writing? Did they mean to say new series?

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I first ate one of these at least 10 years ago. nothing new about bikkuriman

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Yah, and the kids will become unhealthy and over weight at the same time. Nice move!!! Learn kanji while becoming unhealthy and overweight at the same time...

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Kinda like Alpha-Bits cereal for kids!

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Noticed quiet a few of the product features here or place reviews are of stuff that been around for some time.

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